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Natural Stone

Natural stone includes marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, and quartzite. These beautiful stone pieces are sourced from all corners of the world and provide a sleek, stunning and natural look. Sigma orders natural stone in the form of slabs either directly from the source or from a local distributer. In our fabrication facilities, we process slabs into counter tops, walls, floors, or whatever customization is required for the job. This is done using water jets, bridge saws, and CNC machines. After fabrication, our instillation team will deliver and install these custom pieces, resulting in a one of a kind, beautiful space.


Man made ceramic and porcelain tiles are used to create durable and artistic spaces. Tiles come in all different colors, shapes, and designs to create a unique and beautiful look. Sigma orders tile from specified distributors or manufacturers, and then our team installs this tile wherever and however it is needed for the job.


Terrazzo is created from either a poured concrete or epoxy resin base mixed with marble chips, glass, or natural exotic shells. The terrazzo process begins with the design, and the terrazzo mixture is created and pigmented to match what is needed. Then the terrazzo mixture is poured over dividing strips, and finally the mixture is polished down to the desired finished. Terrazzo is popular for it's reputation for being hygienic and easy to maintain.



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